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E20 Timer Bundle (Motor+Timer+Battery+Charger+Props)

Regular price £30.00

Battery Update: I found small stocks of high-current stick-type more streamlined batteries in the UK. The bundles will be posted with these batteries until the stocks last. Please ignore the rectangle batteries in the product photos) 

This solderless starter pack is designed for E20 and similar-sized free-flight models and is also ideal for converting rubber-powered models to electric power. The total weight of the powertrain, including the battery, is 12.1g. The JST 1.25mm connectors make for a complete plug-and-play installation.

The value of the products included in the pack is approximately 37£.

The package includes

  • E20 Timer with ESC + Band burner DT (link)
  • 15.000KV coreless motor (36-40g thrust) (link)
  • Gemfan 65mm Props (CW + CCW) (link)
  • 150mA LiPo  Battery 
  • BMK LiPo charger (link)
  • JST 1.25mm extension cable (link)