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E20 Timer Bundle (Motor+Timer+Battery+Charger+Props)

Regular price £30.00

Solderless starter pack for E20 and similar size free flight models. Also ideal for rubber-to-electric conversation. 

Total powertrain weight is 12.1g (battery included)

Completely plug and play installation thanks to the JST 1.25mm connectors.

~37£ worth of products.

The package includes

  • E20 Timer with ESC + Band burner DT (link)
  • 15.000KV coreless motor (36-40g thrust) (link)
  • Gemfan 65mm Props (CW + CCW) (link)
  • 150mA LiPo  Battery 
  • BMK LiPo charger (link)
  • JST 1.25mm extension cable (link)