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BMK High Power Coreless Motor - 6mm x 15mm

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High-performance coreless motor for miniature or ultralight FF models.
Note: It's too small for E20 models, please consider our 8.5mm motors for E20 builds. 

It's fully compatible with our E20 timers, Motor timers

The motors rotate in both directions with the same speed and efficiency. You can change the Micro JST socket polarity if required.

Motor Diameter: 6mm
Motor Length: 15mm
Shaft Diameter: 0.8mm
Cable Length: 70mm
Weight: ~2g
Connector: 1.25mm JST Plug

Rated voltage 3.7V DC
Operating voltage range DC2.0--4.5V DC
Operating temperature range -10-50°C

Electrical characteristics 

No Load Speed

59000rpm @3.7v

No Load current 180mA max
Stall current 3A (max. 2 seconds)
Terminal resistance 1.2Ω ±5%

Package included:
1 x motor