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BMK Beacon - Locator Transmitter for PMR / FRS / UHF-CB radios

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  BMK Beacon is a configurable tiny radio transmitter beacon for license-free PMR, FRS(US, Canada), UHF CB(Australia, NZ, Malaysia) radio channels. It is also configurable above the band frequencies if you wanna go wild ;)

Product Manual

Suggested Receiver:


Compatible Battery & Chargers:

The Package Contains:

  • BMK Beacon
  • 100mm long Micro JST 1.25mm power cable. 


  • 3-Tones (Recommended)
      The standard 3-Tone Audible version's output signal is 3 tones (100mS each) at 3 different powers(+14dbm,+2dbm,-10dbm) so you can estimate the distance by how many tones you can hear. 
  • Chirp
      The chirp version transmits single tone 50mS beeps and emulates old-school analogue beacons. The current consumption of this version is 3-4 times lower but it can not activate the squelch of the receiver radios due to the very short burst. You must listen to the channel continuously by pressing the "MON" button or setting Squelch level to zero. 


  • PMR446
    This band is licence-free in the UK, EU and Turkey.
    It starts from 446.00625 MHz with 12.5khz channel spacing. 
    The channel numbers are linear. The beacon channel number is the same as the PMR radio channel number. You can find more information on Wikipedia.
    The default channel is CH16 (446.19375MHz) when your beacon is delivered. 

  • FRS
    This band is licence-free in the US and Canada
    It starts from 462.5500 MHz with 12.5khz channel spacing. The channels are not linear. Please check the FRS channel table below before changing the beacon settings. You can find more information on Wikipedia.
    The default beacon channel is CH14 (FRS CH7) (462.7125MHz) when your beacon is delivered. 

  • UHF-CB 
    This band is licence-free in Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu and Malaysia.
    General use channels start from 476.625 MHz with 12.5khz channel spacing. The channels are not linear and very complicated. Please check the UHF-CB channel table below before changing the beacon settings. You can find more information on Wikipedia.
    The default beacon channel is CH15 (UHF-CB CH16) (476.800MHz) when your beacon is delivered. 

    You can order a special frequency beacon for your own use at a small cost. I will tune the firmware for this frequency then test and seal the circuit. Please don't use this option for a single item or if you don't have enough knowledge of local amateur radio rules. 


The default interval is 4 seconds between the signals and it is also configurable between 1 second to 16 seconds.
The current consumption is 1.8mA at 4-second intervals. 
See the manual for the details.


Working Frequency : 400-480MHz
Max.Output Power
: +14dBm
Range : >5km with Baofeng UV-5R+
Input Voltage : 3-15v
Current Consumption (3-Tones)
: 1.8mA @ 4s intervals,  0.5mA @ 16s
Current Consumption (1-Tone) : 0.5mA @ 4s intervals
Max. Current : 36mA
: 1-16 seconds configurable. 4s default.
: FM(narrow)
Channel Spacing
: 12.5kHz
Channel Count : 64 (first 16 PMR channel is legal)
Dimensions : 16mm x 8mm x 5mm (with connector)
Weight : 0.54g (the antenna included)

Questions and Trouble Shooting

  • The LED is not blinking
    Replace the battery.
  • I can not receive the transmission with my radio.
    Make sure it's on the correct channel and your radio is on the correct mode. (Narrow FM, Squelch 1 or 0)