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LiPo battery for Locator Beacons & Servo/Solenoid/Pager Timers

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*100mAh batteries have an onboard current(~800mA) and discharge protection (<3.0V). Maximum Charge/Discharge current is 800mAh/100mAh. 

*40mAh batteries have no protection. Your beacon will work until 1.8v if required but it may damage the battery capacity.  Maximum Charge/Discharge current is 40mAh/25mAh. 

Suitable for:

  • Micro servos/ pager motors or solenoids
  • Locator beacons

* Not suitable for high current BandBurners and flight motors.

100mAh Compatible Charger: 

Connector: Micro JST 1.25mm

Type: Lipo Battery

Max.Current: 0.8A

Voltage: 3.7V

Weight: 2.2g

Size: 17mm x 14mm x 4.0mm  (may vary +-1mm)