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BMK E36+ Timer with Integral RDT for Free Flight

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E36+ is a light-weight(<1g) RDT/timer solution with DT/Multi-Function Servo and ESC/servo signal outputs.

The onboard receiver is compatible with our BMK B1 transmitter which can be ordered as a bundle or sold separately. Each transmitter has its own unique code and you can connect a transmitter with an unlimited number of receivers.


E36+ is designed to work with RC ESC 5v voltage output but is also compatible with any power supply between 3-15V. Just make sure your servo is supporting the supply voltage.

You can also connect a 1S battery and an additional servo into the ESC power pins if you want to install it on a rubber powered or gas engine model.

Brushless Powertrain Wiring

Double Servo Wiring

Single Servo Wiring

Package Content:

  • Timer Circuit Board
  • Straight and Right-handed pin headers


The firmware options are merged in a single firmware since 29 January 2021. You can set the single DT/multifunction modes and timer increments(0.2s and 0.5s) with a hidden button sequence. (details in the PDF manual
You can send your timers to me for an update If you have ordered before this date.


    Max. Timer 1-2-3 Duration : 60 seconds (120 blinks @ 0.5s intervals)
    Motor Timer Steps : 0.5 s / 0.2s configurable
    Max. DT Timer Duration : 1200 seconds/ 20 minutes (120 blinks) 
    DT Timer Steps : 10 seconds increments
    Timer Activation Method : Press the button for 2s(Arming), Release, Press for 2s(Motor Starts), Release(Launch/Timer starts)
    Timer Cancel Method : Click the onboard button
    Timer Override : Click the BMK Remote B1 Transmitter Button
    Working Frequency : 434 MHz
    Input Sensitivity : -116dBm
    Range : 2750m (calculated typical open field outdoor range)
    Input Voltage : 3-15v (compatible servo required)
    Output Voltage : Same as the Input Voltage. Use compatible servo/motor/etc
    Power Consumption : ~10mA @ Receiving
    Low Battery Warning : <3.0v (double flashes instead of single)
    Dimensions : 24mm x 12.5mm x 5mm
    Weight : <1.0g (without pin headers)



    Questions and Trouble Shooting

    • Can I use an external button for the timer?
      Yes, just solder a button between the ext. button pads to extend the onboard button features.

    • The Transmitter LED is blinking fast.
      Replace the battery with a quality CR2032
    • The Transmitter is not working.
      Check the battery / Replace the battery