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BMK E36+ Timer with Integral RDT for Free Flight

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E36+ is a lightweight (<1g) RDT/timer solution with DT/Multi-Function Servo and ESC/servo signal outputs. 

The onboard receiver is fully compatible with our BMK B1 transmitter, which can be purchased separately or as part of a bundle. Each transmitter has a unique code, and you can connect it with an unlimited number of receivers.


The E36+ is designed to function with RC ESC 5V voltage output, but it is also compatible with any power supply ranging between 3-15V. Please ensure that your servo is capable of supporting the supply voltage.
Furthermore, if you wish to install the E36+ on a rubber-powered or gas-engine model, you can connect a 1S battery and an additional servo to the ESC power pins.

Brushless Powertrain Wiring

Double Servo Wiring

Single Servo Wiring

Package Content:

  • Timer Circuit Board
  • Straight and Right-handed pin headers



1) Since January 29th, 2021, the firmware options have been combined into a single firmware. To set the single DT/multifunction modes and timer increments (0.2s and 0.5s), you can use a hidden button sequence, as described in the PDF manual.
If you placed an order before this date, you can send your timers to me for an update.

2) The DT Delay(Abad+) function introduced on 18 September 2023 is available for the new timers from this date. You can delay the DT time by using a compatible BMK SkyLink 434Mhz hand unit


    Max. Timer 1-2-3 Duration : 60 seconds (120 blinks @ 0.5s intervals)
    Motor Timer Steps : 0.5 s / 0.2s configurable
    Max. DT Timer Duration : 1200 seconds/ 20 minutes (120 blinks) 
    DT Timer Steps : 10 seconds increments
    Timer Activation Method : Press the button for 2s(Arming), Release, Press for 2s(Motor Starts), Release(Launch/Timer starts)
    Timer Cancel Method : Click the onboard button
    Timer Override : Click the BMK Remote B1 Transmitter Button
    Working Frequency : 434 MHz
    Input Sensitivity : -116dBm
    Range : 2750m (calculated typical open field outdoor range)
    ~500-800m. with B1 Tx units under the general conditions. 
    Input Voltage : 3-15v (compatible servo required)
    Output Voltage : Same as the Input Voltage. Use compatible servo/motor/etc
    Power Consumption : ~10mA @ Receiving
    Low Battery Warning : <3.0v (double flashes instead of single)
    Dimensions : 24mm x 12.5mm x 5mm
    Weight : <1.0g (without pin headers)




    Questions and Trouble Shooting

    • Can I use an external button for the timer?
      Yes, just solder a button between the ext. button pads to extend the onboard button features.

    • The Transmitter LED is blinking fast.
      Replace the battery with a quality CR2032
    • The Transmitter is not working.
      Check the battery / Replace the battery