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BMK SkyLink GPS Locator system

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The BMK SkyLink unit is a 'non-display' receiver for the BMK AltiLoc GPS beacon transmitter and is a cheaper alternative to the BMK FlexiDisplay hand units. SkyLink will receive GPS, altimeter and other data from any AltiLoc on the selected radio channel and display information on the BMK Finder phone app to enable quick, efficient tracking for users of model aircraft, drones, falcons and other applications. For Free Flight model aircraft, SkyLink also provides RCDT capability with the option to increase DT with compatible BMK timers. SkyLink is configurable via the BMK Finder app(available from Apple Store and Google Play)  to allow different radio channels and RCDT codes to be used.   

The BMK SkyLink GPS system consists of two parts.

  • SkyLink 434MHz Hand Unit
  • Alti-Loc GPS Beacon: Low-power ultra-light radio beacon with GPS and altimeter.

Product Manual (Latest update: 22/09/2023)

 The APP:

FlexiDisplay device has an onboard Bluetooth 4.0 module and it shares the beacon data with nearby mobile devices and tablets. You can download the compatible BMK Model Locator app from the links below or search for "BMK Finder".

Apple AppStore:

Google PlayStore:

* My PlayStore account is closed, due to the minimum 1000 downloads and 20 beta-testers expectations of Google.
The FreeFlight community is too small to keep an App on AppStore. And I will release the Android apps as APK files.  Please make sure APK file installation is enabled on your Android device if you receive a warning message.




  • Battery Life/Type: up to 60 hours / 320mAh LiPo 
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0 (BLE)
  • Radio Receiver Sensitivity: -112dBm
  • RCDT Output Power: 22dB, BMK B1 and B2 compatible.
  • USB-C Charge Current: 100mA 
  • Onboard Memory: It stores the last received 200 beacon data in this memory if the phone is not connected. And transfers to the phone in the event of connection.
  • Last Known Location: the BMK Locator(Finder) App records and shows the last known location of the received beacons.
  • Firmware update over Bluetooth: You can use the BMK LOADER app to update the firmware with a few clicks. (available from Apple Store and Google Play)