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BMK GPS Locator System (PreOrder)

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This is a PREORDER product page. The features may change until the product is released. Usually in a good way...

The BMK GPS system consists of two parts.

  • Alti-Loc Beacon: Low-power ultra-light radio beacon with altimeter  and GPS
  • FlexiDisplay: An ultimate hand unit with integrated GPS, Long Range 434Mhz Tx+Rx, Altimeter, Compass, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Wifi, Bluetooth and others for future use.  FlexiDisplay software is updateable via a web browser thanks to the onboard WiFi access point.
The Release Date
The first week of September is the planned release date. Preorders will be posted after this date.
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System Features
  • FlexiDisplay Hand unit ON time: +20 hours (>100 hours @low power)
  • Alti-Loc Beacon consumption: 30mA@flight, ~7mA@stationary
  • Update rate: 0.5s@climbing 1s@flight 8s@stationary
  • The range: >20km in the air(UK conditions)
  • Flight Memory(1MB): records all received data and summary.
  • RCDT: Long Range, BMK B1 and B2 compatible.
  • RSSI Indicator: Search for the highest signal level under low accuracy or No-GPS conditions.
  • Safe Location Info: FD records and shows the last known location of the beacon.
  • Low battery function: The beacon disables the GPS unit for the lower battery consumption and transmits the last locked GPS point if the battery is lower than 3.3v. You can still receive this location info and signal strength value until 1.8v.
  • *GPS-OFF blinks on the display in his mode.
  • GPS LOW indicator: It appears if the GPS accuracy is low and you will know the search radius may be >10m.
  • Altimeter: Altitude, Climb and Sink rates on your display.
  • QR code: Just scan with your phone and google maps will show the beacon location.
  • Flight Summary: Max altitude and other useful information about your last flights.
  • The beacon selection: It shows all of the active receivers on your display. You can choose your beacons or friend's to help them. No binding is required, so multiple FDs can follow the telemetry data of a beacon.