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BMK Band Burner e-Timer

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Band Burner e-Timer is the lightest electronic D/T solution for small model builds.
Simply, It cuts the rubber band or string by heat after the specified time. You can control the rudder, elevator or something else.

You can keep the battery installed during the flight day or more.
The low power electronics can wait at the idle mode for 42 days (!!!) with a tiny 100mAh battery.

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The hand winded special Ni-Chrome heater will get red hot in a second with only 1000mA current.

Quality silicone elastic bands:


Package Content:

  • Timer Circuit Board
  • Straight and Right-handed pin headers


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How To Set Timer Duration?

  • Press and hold the button before plugging the battery.
  • Plug the battery when holding the button
  • The LED will turn solid red.
  • Release the button and the LED will be turned off.
  • Press and hold the button and count the LED blinks.
  • Each Blink adds 1 second to the timer. For example, 30 flashes, means 30 seconds.
  • Release the button when you rich the required timer duration.
  • The LED will fast flash 5 times when saving the timer setting.
  • Then will return to normal mode. Now you can remove the battery or use your timer.

How To Use BMK e-Timer?

  • Plug the battery
  • If the battery voltage is above 3.7v, the LED will flash every 2 seconds.
  • If the battery voltage is below 3.7v, the LED will flash twice every 2 seconds. You must recharge the battery.
  • Press and hold the button for at least 2 seconds to arm the timer before launch. When armed the LED will solid red.
  • Release the button when launching and the timer countdown will start. During the countdown, the LED will flash fast.
  • When the countdown is complete, the timer will turn on the heater for 2 seconds.
  • Click the button to cancel If you have accidentally released the button or your model has landed before the countdown is complete.



Maximum Timer Duration : 250 seconds (4 minutes 10 seconds)
Timer Steps : 1 second
Timer Tolerance : +-1% typical
Timer Activation Method : Hold the onboard button for at least 2 seconds, the timer will start when the button is released. 
Timer Cancel Method : Click the onboard button
Operation Voltage : 3.0 - 5.0v (compatible with 1S LiPo battery)
Power Consumption : 0.06mA @ idle / 0.6mA @ countdown / 1000mA @ burning(2 seconds).
Maximum Output Current : 5A continuous
Low Battery Warning : <3.7v (double flashes @ idle mode)
Dimensions : 23mm x 11mm x 5mm
Weight : 1.7g