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BMK Band Burner e-Timer

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Band Burner e-Timer is a very light electronic D/T solution for small model builds.
Simply, It cuts the rubber band or string by heat after the specified time. You can control the rudder, elevator or something else.

*Please note: The timer increment was 1 second for the original version until summer 2023. It has been updated to 10-second intervals later.



You can keep the battery installed during the flight day or more.
The low-power electronics can wait at idle mode for 42 days (!!!) with a tiny 100mAh battery.

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The hand-winded special Ni-Chrome heater will get red hot in a second with only 1000mA current.


Band Burner Timer Update!! 03 January 2022
Because of the following high current battery shortage,
I've reduced the current draw of the band burner timers in half with the new firmware.
The band burners will work with the protected 80-100mA LiPo batteries but not glow red as in previous versions. The heater temperature is still enough to burn elastic hair bands but may fail in extreme cold.
If you have a high-current unprotected battery, you can put a solder drop between these pads(see photo below) and the timer will switch to the high current (glowing red) mode automatically.
The default low current mode is also good for a lightweight installation.

Quality silicone elastic bands:


Package Content:

  • Timer Circuit Board
  • Straight and Right-handed pin headers


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