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Active Buzzer

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It is great to add an audible locator to your models with compatible E36+ or B1 Rx.
Uses a coil element and internal circuit to generate an audible tone.

B1 Rx timers and E36+ timers has Buzzer pads on their back since summer 2023.
*E36+ timers has BZR+ pad only because of the limited space.
Connect the buzzer's (+) pin to the BZR+ pad of the timer and (-) pin to the BZR- or any (-) pad of the timer.  

  • Input Voltage(Max.) : 5V
  • Compatible with the timer's internal 3.3v regulator.
  • You can supply with 2S if the timer is compatible. 
  • Body Size : 12 x 8mm
  • Pin Pitch: 6mm
  • External Material: Plastic;
  • Color: Black