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1S LiPo Battery Storage Discharger

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This storage discharger is specifically designed for use with Micro JST 1.25mm batteries. Users can easily configure it for a discharge current of 50mA or 100mA. By default, it operates at a maximum output of 100mA and is suitable for all 1S LiPo batteries with a capacity of 50mAh or higher.


Using the Discharger

  • Connect the battery.
  • If the battery is fully charged, automatic discharging may occur.
  • If not, simply click the button to start the process.
  • The red LED will automatically turn off when the battery reaches a storage voltage of 3.8v.
Note: No need to watch while discharging. It will completely shut off on its own and you can safely leave it connected.


Configuring the Discharger

  • Cut the tiny trace between the pads with an exacto knife. This will lower the discharge current to 50mA(max).
  • Put a drop of solder between the pads to increase to 100mA(max)