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1S LiPo Battery Charger for Micro JST 1.25mm batteries

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Micro USB charger for 1S LiPo batteries.

This charger has been designed to be used with Micro JST 1.25mm batteries. It's configurable from 50mA to 200mA charge current. 

The default mode is 50mA output for suitable all 1S LiPo batteries above 50mAh. 

Using the Charger

  • Connect any Micro USB charge cable to the charger.
  • Plug the battery and the Red LED will turn on when charging.
  • The Green LED will turn on if the battery is fully charged.


Configuring the Charger

  • Put a solder drop to the S1 and S2 jumper pads according to the table below
  • Max. Charge Current S1 S2
    50mA Open Open
    75mA Soldered Open
    100mA Open Soldered
    200mA Soldered Soldered
  • 75mA settings are accidentally marked as 100mA on the back of the PCB. Please consider the correct table above.  


Package includes:

1x Charger board 


Warning: The dual battery outputs of the older boards are parallel connected and only suitable if both the batteries are at the same voltage